Watch: Money Heist: Part 5 Trailer Teases The End Of The Line


From the beginning, Money Heist has always stretched the core concept out towards the boundaries of its breaking point. Five seasons to tell the story of two heists has often seen the show drag its heels for several episodes at a time, but the twisting narrative, focus on flashbacks, time jumps and double crosses has always kept the excitement and intrigue levels high.

Now officially one of the biggest shows on the planet having drawn in 65 million streams in the first four weeks after Season 4 was added to Netflix last year, the pressure is on for the upcoming finale to send the Professor and his cohorts out in a fitting blaze of glory, even though the cliffhanger ending hinted that it might not be as simple as another expertly laid plan to get the crew out of danger.

Money Heist

Following the Lupin format, Money Heist‘s fifth run will drop two five-episode batches three months apart on September and December 3rd, and there’s going to be a whole lot of subscribers bingeing them as soon as they drop, which is only going to make the wait for the conclusion feel ten times longer.

The Professor, Tokyo, Lisbon, Berlin, Rio, Denver, Stockholm and the rest of the code-named thieves have a lot to gain and even more to lose, especially with their leader out of the picture for the time being, at least when Season 5 begins. Given the overwhelming popularity of the show, any sort of footage would be enough to satiate the fanbase, but the first full-length trailer for Money Heist‘s swansong is only going to increase the hype and expectations levels as we edge closer to September 3rd.