#WeLovePedroPascal Trends As Fans Celebrate The Mandalorian Star

Pedro Pascal

Social media is a very strange place, which is putting it lightly. The idea of making your thoughts and opinions known to anyone at the click of a button has become an increasingly important part of everyday life for a huge number of people, but like any major technological evolution, it’s also prone to an awful lot of negativity.

Cancel culture is more prevalent than ever, with the denizens of Twitter often directing their fury at numerous famous faces for a variety of reasons, many of which are incredibly trivial, and in some cases can blow up for a day or two before fading into obscurity. In fact, for whatever reason, some of Disney’s most prominent contracted talents often find themselves in the crosshairs.

Remember when people wanted Robert Downey Jr. to apologize for sporting blackface in his Academy Award nominated Tropic Thunder performance, driven largely by people that hadn’t seen the movie? Or cancel culture coming for Sebastian Stan based on comments his girlfriend made? What about that time Elizabeth Olsen was called out for being a racist? Chris Pratt and most recently Jeremy Renner have also been targeted, but The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal has found himself trending for a more wholesome reason, as you can see below.

Of course, social media users and Gina Carano supporters also wanted The Mandalorian‘s leading man to be fired after the former Cara Dune was axed, even though he publicly supported her on more than one occasion. Indeed, Twitter’s attention span is increasingly fleeting, and for all we know, this time next week Pascal could find himself being vociferously attacked for any number of reasons, such is the way of the online world these days.