Where is the missing second bangle in ‘Ms. Marvel,’ and who has it?

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Ms. Marvel.

Marvel’s latest Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel features one major change from its original source material: the way in which Kamala Khan receives her powers. Originally, Kamala was exposed to Terrigen Mist, which altered her genetic makeup, giving her polymorphic abilities. 

In the series, her powers come from a bangle she finds in a package sent by grandmother. The single bangle seemingly gives Kamala the ability to manipulate cosmic energy, which at times can seem like her polymorphic abilities from the comic books. However, in the show’s third episode, the bangle was revealed to be part of a pair. Since Kamala only has one, where is the other bangle, and more importantly, who has it?

Who has the second bangle in Ms. Marvel?

Ms. Marvel Bangle
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The third episode of Ms. Marvel gave us some clues as to who might be in possession of the second bangle. The flashback designed to show us how Kamala’s great-grandmother was in possession of the bangle actually gave us three clues as to where the bangle could be in Kamala’s current timeline.

Before diving into those three, let’s start with the obvious. At the end of the episode, Kamala got word from her grandmother that they needed to talk, so there’s a chance that she or someone else in Kamala’s family does have the second bangle and has kept it a secret for years (as they likely knew it would be dangerous in the wrong hands). This could explain the negative reaction of Kamala’s mother in the first episode when Kamala found the first bangle in the package. 

The first clue in the flashback to 1942 British-controlled India was the fact that the ClanDestine ⏤ the slow-aging group from the Noor Dimensionfound the bangle on a blue arm. Anyone familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows that if you encounter someone blue, they are most likely going to be of Kree descent. The race known as the Kree was first introduced in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy with Ronan the Accuser and later seen again in Captain Marvel.

The Kree were more prevalent in Captain Marvel, with Carol Danvers living on Hala, the home planet of the Kree, after receiving powers and losing her memory. Therefore, the Kree connection in Ms. Marvel might just be a connection to the bangle being of Kree origin, or it might be what connects Kamala to Captain Marvel in the MCU. It’s unlikely that the Kree connection will be just a throwaway reference, as they are also connected to Ms. Marvel’s origin in the comic books. 

When Ms. Marvel received her powers from the Terrigen Mist in the source material, she became an Inhuman. In the comics, the Inhumans were a race of humans who were created by the Kree. Indeed, these Inhuman origins were shared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well. Either way, it is extremely likely that the Kree will somehow be involved with the series, but whether or not they have the bangle remains to be seen.

The second connection contained in the flashback was only on screen for a brief moment, but thanks to Twitter, there’s a good chance that everyone knows about it.

The chamber in which the ClanDestine found the bangle bore the imprint of the Ten Rings. The Ten Rings have a long history in the MCU, first introduced as a terrorist cell in Iron Man. Then the leader of the Ten Rings, the Mandarin, was seemingly in Iron Man 3 before it was revealed that the character Ben Kingsley had been playing was really an actor named Trevor Slattery. The true version of the Ten Rings debuted in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and were led by Shang Chi’s father, Xu Wenwu. Wenwu founded the Ten Rings after finding the mystical rings that granted him power and immortality. When Wenwu died at the end of the film, his daughter and Shang-Chi’s sister Xialing took over the Ten Rings organization. 

While the Ten Rings spanned centuries, as Xu Wenwu was 1,000 years old, it is unclear why the imprint of the Ten Rings logo was in the chamber where the bangle was found in Ms. Marvel’s third episode. Maybe the Kree attacked a Ten Rings temple or compound that was located in India at that time, and once the Kree were defeated, the Ten Rings took the other bangle and left. This could mean that, at the time of Ms. Marvel, Xialing might be in possession of the bangle. This does seem the unlikeliest of all the connections in the flashback, but it could have happened nonetheless. 

The last connection, which not many people are picking up on, is that when the ClanDestine arrive and find one bangle, they mention that the British may have already looted the chamber. Anyone who knows anything about history and British museums is that British museums are famously filled with artifacts from other countries. So if the British did indeed loot the chamber and find the bangle, it would most likely now be inside a British museum.

Fortunately, the MCU has already introduced three characters who work in British museums, so if the bangle is in one of them, the chances of seeing one of these characters are high. Two of the characters are from Eternals, as both Gemma Chan’s character, Sersi, and Kit Harrington’s character, Dane Whitman (AKA the Black Knight) work for the Natural History Museum in London. However, at the end of Eternals, Sersi is pulled into space by Arishem the Celestial, so it’s unlikely that she’ll show up. Dane, on the other hand, could easily cameo in Ms. Marvel if Kamala or the ClanDestine were to track down the bangle to that museum. 

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The last character to work in a British museum works at the British Museum, and that is Steven Grant from Moon Knight. Played by Oscar Isaac, Steven Grant is one of the personalities who make up Moon Knight’s overall character. After the events of Moon Knight, Steven could easily go back to work and moonlight (wink) at the British Museum. We could even see Kamala try to break into the museum to steal back the bangle, if it’s actually there, and be confronted by Moon Knight.

There are many possibilities as to who is in possession of the second bangle. With any luck, Ms. Marvel will actually deliver on some of the connections it has teased thus far and doesn’t drop the ball on who actually has it. Either way, the mystery of the bangle has yet to be solved.

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