Which ‘Love Is Blind’ couples are still together?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from Love Is Blind sitting side by side on a couch
Photo via Netflix

Netflix’s Love Is Blind has become one of the most popular dating shows in recent years, and one look at the premise explains why. The reality dating show doubles as a social experiment in that 15 men and 15 women go on a series of blind dates (literally) and can only meet their love interest after they have proposed to one another.

This makes for some very interesting relationships – and also some breakups! We’re taking a look back at which couples from season one and season two are still together. Spoiler alert: there aren’t many.

Which couples from ‘Love Is Blind’ are still together?

The first season of Love Is Blind was by far the most successful when it came to couples staying together. Out of the six couples that made it down the aisle, two are still together and happily married today. They are Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett.

Lauren and Cameron are by far the fan-favorite couple of the series, and ahead of season two, Lauren shared some words of wisdom on her Twitter for the men and women looking for love on the show.

“When it was time for me to decide if I wanted to get married on #loveisBlind I struggled. I wanted to really make sure I got married because I could see forever with Cam. Not from production pressures or wanting fame. I wasn’t about to get legally married just for television. “

“Because once those cameras leave and it’s just you and that person living and creating a life together… fame can’t save you. And who wants to be trapped in an empty marriage that’s hell! I really think this worked for us because it was genuinely 2 people not only finding love…”

“But really falling IN LOVE with each other in the most unexpected way! Wishing the best for everyone in #loveisblind2 whether you decided to marry or stay single I hope that it brings you all closer to the happiness you all deserve! Without settling in any way.”

Lauren and Cameron celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary in Nov. 2021 and have their own YouTube channel Hanging With the Hamiltons. Theirs is one of the only relationships that immediately hit the ground running and proceeded down the aisle with little to no hiccups.

The second couple to remain standing after season one is Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett.

Amber and Matthew’s relationship did get off to a rocky start on the show when Jessica Batten pursued Matt even after he got engaged to Amber. Furthermore, at the Love Is Blind season reunion, the pair admitted to considering divorce, proving how little we actually know about what happens behind closed doors. But they stuck it out and, like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, are going on another year of marriage.

Unfortunately, the love ends there. After two divorce announcements from Iyanna and Jarrette and Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, there are no longer any couples from season two who are still together.

Season three of Love Is Blind does not have an official release date yet, but it was filmed shortly after season two wrapped, according to Us Weekly. Soon more names will be added to the show’s dwindling list of marriages. Here’s hoping they stick.