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The new song from The Labrant Fam’s 10-year-old daughter Everleigh Rose ‘Like Taylor Swift’ is raising eyebrows and going viral for all the wrong reasons

You have to admit that bridge is pretty fun!

Photo montage of a screengrab from Everleigh Rose's music video for 'Like Taylor Swift,' and a picture of her with her mom and dad, Cole and Savannah LaBrant.
Screengrab via Youtube/Photo via The LaBrant Fam

The internet is chock-full of cringe-inducing content but while previous generations got to grow out of their awkward phases in private, kids these days end up blasting it all over social media. The LaBrant Fam, a popular family of influencers, are experts at publicizing the lives of their children, and their latest effort comes in the form of an impossibly catchy, albeit corny, song that their 10-year-old daughter, Everleigh Rose, wrote and filmed a music video for.

The song is adorable and pays homage to Everleigh’s favorite singer, Taylor Swift, but naturally, it’s very much not a Grammy contender. That’s totally fine, especially considering it was written by a child. Yet, the internet has decided to be a hater, as usual.

TikTok users flocked to the comments of The LaBrant Fam’s profiles, particularly that of Everleigh’s dad Cole, to mock the song and its lyrics, to the point where even fellow former cringe-y child star JoJo Siwa had to intervene.

“As the now 20 year old who once was the 10 year old growing up infront of the internet, I wanna say to anyone thats been saying negative things about this song or Everleigh herself, lose your ego and grow up.”

Surely in an effort to be both supportive and try to force a viral moment for his kid — emulating the Carpool Karaoke video that became the family’s greatest hit and also features a Taylor Swift song — Cole called the song the best he’s ever heard on his TikTok page, following it up with a lipsync clip of the duo together.

Commenters largely disagreed with his statement, calling the song “horrible,” and pointing out how the bridge being composed entirely of Taylor Swift song titles doesn’t exactly show writing prowess. Come on, people, could you have done better at 10?

Collection of hateful comments found under Cole LaBrant's TikTok video featuring his daughter Everleigh's song 'Like Taylor Swift'.
Screencap via TikTok

Despite their heavy subscriber, follower, and viewer count across multiple platforms, The LaBrant Fam has fallen out of favor with netizens on multiple occasions, which could explain the vitriol being spewed against their oldest daughter over this harmless song. Everleigh, not exactly by choice, has had to grow up in front of cameras and millions of strangers, so people who aren’t exactly the LaBrants’ biggest fans, should consider taking the high road and not make her life any more complicated or confusing.

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