Is Gogoanime safe to use?

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Anime fans around the world are always looking for a good source to view their favorite shows. Nowadays, with the cost of the home platforms, fans are wanting to find as much free access they can get. There are many different online streaming platforms available for use by viewers of different anime shows. One of the most popular websites that anime fans go to stream their favorite shows is Gogoanime.

There are two different ways that fans can access this site, they can either go to or Gogoanime has given its users an easy to use platform. They also have their library constantly updating so that fans will be able to access the latest and greatest anime shows. Gogoanime also gives viewers an amazing HD quality picture that is typically not the case on most streaming sites.

Most streaming sites have a fuzzy or just outright poor picture quality, but not gogoanime. However, all of this being said, before fans go on the site to start bingeing, they want to be sure that they are going onto a good site that is safe.

Is Gogoanime safe?

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The short answer here is yes, the site is safe and will not download any viruses onto your computer. Fans can rest easy knowing that their device will be safe and sound.

However, fans must be weary that ads can and will pop up all the time when they first go to the site and occasionally during the show that they are watching. Fans need to be careful, especially if they have younger ones with them, because some of the ads are not age appropriate. Users should also be careful whenever they try to click out of an ad and accidentally go to another site, as some of the sites that you are re-directed to are not suitable for all ages.

One thing that fans have started to do when using a site like Gogoanime is to have an ad-blocker up and running to try and deter. These seem to work and users try to encourage any new fan who is about to start streaming to make sure they have a quality ad-block up and running.