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‘Spy x Family’ fans edited Anya in different shonen manga

This manga panel goes hard asf

Spy x Family Anya Forger Episode 6 Smile
Image via Spy x Family

The wrath of Anya continues outside Spy x Family as fans of the series have decided to give this cute little girl more power than she already has. How do they do this? By inserting her in different shonen manga.

TikTok user @inspired.author has compiled multiple sightings of this little girl inside scenes from other anime titles, dubbing her as the ‘world destroyer’.

Some of the popular mangas that Anya was edited in were NarutoOne Punch ManDragon Ball Z, and Jujutsu Kaisen, just to name a few. This little girl will be seen either casually interacting with other characters or appearing in world-ending scenarios where she is needed the most.

Maybe these fans are seeing more in Anya than most of us. After all, she was trained by her mother Yor back in Episode 6 so that she could be brave on her first day in school. This led to this little girl punching a young boy named Damian Desmond to the wall with one hit, which left a mark on his face that was covered in Episode 7. And if you have read the manga of Spy x Family ahead of the anime, you would have learned how capable Anya is beyond the cute exterior she presents.

Spy x Family is an anime series about a spy named Twilight, tasked to form a fake family to prevent two countries from going to war by getting close to Donovan Desmond. His family consists of Anya — a telepath, who attends the same school as the target’s son, and Yor, his wife who’s secretly an assassin.

Recently, Spy x Family announced a limited home media release, featuring the first four episodes of Season 1, behind-the-scenes content, and a special poster of the show.

New episodes come out each week in Crunchyroll with the English dub a week behind.

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