This ‘Attack on Titan’ character is coming to ‘Fortnite’ and fans couldn’t be more excited

Attack on titan s1
Image via Wit Studio

It has been a huge month for Attack on Titan. The anime has been making serious waves recently, partially due to the disastrous release of its latest episode on Crunchyroll, but also for adapting what some consider the best part of the whole series. If fans thought the excitement was over, though, they better think again, because more Attack on Titan content is headed their way.

Although rumors had been circulating online for a while, earlier today, Fortnite officially announced an Attack on Titan crossover via its Twitter account. In the tweet, we can see the anime’s protagonist, Eren Yeager, standing with his back turned and dressed in his Survey Corps Regiment uniform. Of course, the get-up wouldn’t be complete without the ODM gear and titan-killing blades.

For now, all the available information points to an Eren skin coming to the game, but there’s no telling if his titan form will also be available. That sure would be epic, but for now, Fortnite fans seem beyond happy with just the human version of Eren. They quickly took to Twitter to express their excitement, with some going as far as to predict this will be the best season of the game thus far.

According to gaming insider HYPEX on Twitter, Eren will be a hidden skin in season two of Fortnite’s chapter four, which will also mark the 24th overall season in the game. Before Attack on Titan, only three other anime had crossovers with the battle royale game, namely, My Hero Academia, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Super.

Each time, players could pick between several skins of their favorite anime characters, so there’s a chance other Survey Corps members might join the game as well. Armin, Mikasa, and Levi would be the most obvious choices, but for now, no other character skins besides Eren have been announced by Fortnite or Epic Games.

The second season of Fortnite’s fourth chapter will be released on March 10. As for Attack on Titan, part three of its final season will continue this Fall.