Where does ‘Attack on Titan’ take place?

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series today, and a big part of its popularity has been the unique setting of the show. In this series, we spend the majority of our time within and around the three walls keeping civilization safe from the titan threat.

The walls are massive, protective structures with the richer portion of society residing in the inner portion behind all three, while others are left with less protection toward the edge of the walls.

Outside of these walls, we see a barren wasteland inhabited by titans, and as the show progresses you get a better idea of the environment and what else is out there beyond the borders.

Where Does Attack on Titan Take Place?

Colossal Titan

Most of the Attack on Titan series takes place on Paradis Island, a place that we learn is inhabited by descendants of Eldians.

When we find out that the main characters are on an island, it isn’t long until we explore beyond the seas to the nation of Marley, where millions live with a long history of exiling individuals to Paradis Island.

While Attack on Titan does take place in a fantasy world, some fans believe that Marley and Paradis Island were inspired by Africa and Madagascar, given the geography and land shape that can be seen in the manga. That said, there are plenty of indications that Marley is inspired by Europe, based on its architecture and other details.

Now that the manga is complete we know that these are the only two locations that the main characters visit during the story.