Two New Clips From One In The Chamber Blu-Ray

Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr. star in the latest Anchor Bay action film One in the Chamber. The two square off in classic head-to-head fashion, with the big and dangerous going up against the smart and furious.

One in the Chamber is your standard assassin vs. assassin film, with both men playing on opposite sides. Gooding Jr. hasn’t been in anything memorable as of late, but Lundgren has been making a slow comeback starring in bigger titles like the upcoming Expendables 2, which opens in theaters around the same time One in the Chamber hits Blu-Ray.

We have two new clips to share with you today, one which is a boring snoozer, featuring Lundgren going over the rules with some higher up bosses and the second clip giving us our first look at Lundgren vs. Gooding Jr.

I must admit that after watching the second clip I am now somewhat interested in seeing the two go to war. The action looks watchable and the tone of the film is established as serious, but with a lot of room for the much needed humor.

Watch the two clips below:

One in the Chamber hits Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack on August 21st, 2012. Here’s a brief snippet from the press release:

In Prague, two skilled assassins make themselves available for hire to the Mafia. However, when one assassin, Carver (Gooding) takes a job with a gang he was once hired to eliminate, it launches into an all-out mob war where survival is about as certain as the number of bullets left in the clip. To make things worse, another assassin (Lundgren) has been hired to take out Carver and the result will make the streets run red. As Carver battles with his inner demons as well as his very real enemies, ONE IN THE CHAMBER doesn’t let up until the very last man goesdown.