This Is 40 Coming To Blu-Ray In March

Universal Studios has announced the latest Judd Apatow comedy This is 40 for Blu-Ray in March. This sort-of sequel to Knocked Up stars Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Segel.

As far as I’m concerned Judd Apatow used to be one of the funniest men working in Hollywood. His name was at one point plastered over every Universal comedy, acting as either a writer or producer, while occasionally stepping in to direct. His first two films showed promise and a return to the almost forgotten R-rated comedy, but then he kind of struck out with Funny People.

I’ve actually warmed up to Funny People over time, but I still can’t get over its horrible pacing and constant need to shove Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann into almost every scene. Which makes This is 40‘s whole existence sort of troubling right out of the gate.

This time around Apatow focuses more on his Knocked Up humor, while also sprinkling in some real-life crisis for good measure. He re-teams with his wife and his frequent collaborator Paul Rudd for something that can be described as a sort-of comedy/sort-of drama. I say sort-of, because Apatow never figures out what kind of film he’s making. Parts of This is 40 are hilarious and exactly what you’d come to expect from Apatow, but then other parts drag the film down into a mess of emotions that feel artificial.

This is 40 has moments of clarity that reveal Apatow’s talents as a comedy director, but most of those moments are blocked out by Apatow’s dramatic side, which is depressing and rarely has any range. His films feel like they’re getting longer and longer too, which is a recipe for disaster when dealing with comedy.

Our very own Jonathan Lack had a completely different opinion on the film, giving it a perfect rating. Here’s what he had to say about it in his review:

 This Is 40 is not just the best comedy of the year, but one of the best and most accomplished efforts of 2012 in any genre, a major step forward for Judd Apatow that entertains and enlightens in equal measure.

The film is coming to Blu-Ray with the original R-rated cut as well as an unrated cut. The following bonus material has been confirmed, in addition to a 1080p video transfer and a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track.

  • This is 40: Unrated Edition
  • Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Judd Apatow
  • The Making Of This Is 40
  • This Is Albert Brooks (At Work)
  • Graham Parker & The Rumour: Long Emotional Ride
  • Brooks-O-Rama
  • Biking With Barry
  • Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
  • Kids On The Loose 3
  • Bodies By Jason Commercial
  • Fresh Air With Terry Gross
  • Deleted, Extended & Alternate Scenes
  • Over A Half Hour of Music with Graham Parker and the Rumour, and Ryan Adams
  • Gag Reel
  • Line-O-Rama
  • More Deleted Scenes
  • More Music from Graham Parker and the Rumour, and Ryan Adams

This is 40 streets on March 22nd, 2013.