Avatar Is Finally Coming To Blu-Ray 3D In October

20th Century Fox has finally announced a global 3D Blu-Ray release of James Cameron‘s highly successful science fiction epic Avatar for October 16th, 2012.

James Cameron’s Avatar is without a doubt the sole reason that 3D films have been clogging up most of the market. I’m not positive if that’s a good thing or not just yet, but we can’t deny the impact that Avatar (in 3D) has had on the filmmaking world as of late. That being said, one thing that most 3D adopters noticed was the lack of Avatar on 3D Blu-Ray.

Up until this point you’ve only been able to watch the 3D version of the film on Blu-Ray if you purchased select Panasonic Blu-Ray players, which meant everyone else would have to end up bidding on eBay for a copy.

Finally, after what seems like forever, we will be able to own Avatar on 3D Blu-Ray. The limited edition 3D Blu-Ray combo pack will present the original theatrical version in 3D as well as 2D, DVD and Digital Copy. One thing worth noting is the lack of the extended cut in 3D, which means we’ll probably see a re-release down the road.

I already own two copies of Avatar, so I don’t think I will be biting the bullet just yet, but I can see why most 3D-lovers would want to purchase this on day one.

The 3D version of Avatar will be available for purchase on October 16th, 2012.