The Avengers Blu-Ray Details Revealed

Disney has released the official details for The Avengers Blu-Ray, which will arrive on store shelves this September, on the 25th to be exact. The film will arrive in three formats: Blu-Ray, DVD and 3D Blu-Ray. As for the special features, we have them below for your viewing pleasure.

For those who purchase the DVD, all you’ll be getting is a commentary from director Joss Whedon and a featurette titled “Assembling The Ultimate Team.” Now, if you make the HD upgrade and get either the two disc Blu-Ray or the four disc 3D Blu-Ray, you get the features included on the DVD as well as the following.

You’ll get a music video for Soundgarden‘s Live To Rise, which is the song they wrote for the film, a Marvel short called Item 47, a picture in picture feature, a gag real and some deleted/extended scenes including an alternate opening and ending.

In addition to all that, there will be several featurettes which are titled as follows: Steve Rogers – Man Out of Time, Nick Fury & World Security Council and Fury & Hill Discuss the World Security Council.

Now, for the real Marvel junkies out there, you may want to wait for the rumored 10 disc Marvel set, which includes all the films that have led up to The Avengers. For everyone else though, mark down September 25th on your calendars and be sure to pick up one of the year’s best films on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Check out the cover for the Blu-Ray/DVD below.

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