Bad Milo! Blu-Ray Review

Matt Donato

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On January 23, 2014
Last modified:March 2, 2014


Bad Milo! is a strangely touching, wholly enjoyable creature feature with a hilarious heart of gold that will assuredly garner a cult following over the coming years - and rightfully so.

Bad Milo! Blu-Ray Review


If you told me a movie about Ken Marino’s butt monster would be one of my favorite horror movies of 2013, I’d tell you, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” I mean, Ken Marino is one of the funniest character actors in Hollywood right now, I have a soft spot for practical effects driven creature features, and how are you not immediately intrigued by Ken Marino’s stinky, murderous friend? Bad Milo! charms and chills unlike any horror comedy released last year, and that’s thanks to a unique script that brings to life Marino’s subconscious in the form of an intestine-dwilling pet with a destructive mind of its own.

Bad Milo! will go down as a brilliantly worshipped cult comedy some years down the road, and there are two glaring reasons why – the most obvious being Ken Marino’s casting. You’ve seen him play supporting roles over and over again, stealing scenes like a champ, and it’s fitting that such an obscure movie lets Marino take the reigns as leading man. Of course, the role of Duncan is perfect for the outrageous comedian, bringing life not only to an over-stressed nobody, but also to his little buddy Milo. Interacting on a completely human level, the chemistry between Marino and our rubbery puppet carries an enjoyably slapstick vibe, but we also feel for the loving connection that’s visibly present. I mean, you really have to adore someone to let him crawl in your b-hole every night! Yes, I’m fully aware of how wrong that just sounded.

Second to our lead actor is the script written by Benjamin Hayes and Jacob Vaughan (who also served as director), finding a way to revitalize the age-old-story of an average Joe becoming fed-up with life to the point of snapping. We’ve seen films like Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down and Uwe Boll’s Rampage (right?!), but Bad Milo! is a completely different beast – literally. We’re able to enjoy horror inspired killings covered in blood, comedy covered in feces, and a weirdly touching relationship covered in, well, both – which makes for an undeniably entertaining watch. I could watch the hotel room montage featuring Duncan and Milo on repeat for days, displaying Milo’s mischievous side as Duncan tries to tame his wild companion. “Dick move, Milo” will forever be quoted in any Donato household.


I can’t help but feel like I’m beating a dead horse here because I’ve already given Bad Milo! a full theatrical review, so if you want an expansive explanation of my undying love for Milo, please feel free to hop over to my first review! If not, here’s my summarizing blurb:

Bad Milo! makes the topic of an ass-dwelling stress monster into a weirdly touching, gleefully brutal, and always entertaining horror comedy about man’s unexpected best friend.

So is Bad Milo! worthy of your Blu-Ray collection? After re-watching Jacob Vaughan’s riotous creation, I can firmly stand behind the 1080p transfer with accompanying DTS-HD Master Audio. Sure, some of you may wonder why we absolutely need to watch Milo de-poo himself like a wet dog in crystal clear quality, but my answer is simple – why not? Even with such vivid visuals, Milo doesn’t loose any realness and avoids become nothing but a cheap prop, which sometimes happens to creature features who may have benefitted from a bit grainier quality. Home video collectors will enjoy watching Ken Marino struggle with his inner demon time and time again, which I can attest to as I find myself showing Bad Milo! to literally anyone I can – screenings nightly!

As for special features, here’s the rundown:

  • Extended Outtakes
  • Extended Dinner Scene
  • Deleted Scene: Veterinarian
  • Behind Milo: The Puppeteers!
  • Behind Milo: Raw Take
  • Interview With Ken Marino
  • AXS TV: A Look At Bad Milo!
  • Commentary With Ken Marino, GIllian Jacobs, Director Jacob Vaughan And Writer Benjamin Hayes

There’s good news and bad news for special feature fans here. The good news? There are words like “Extended” and “Outtakes,” and they’re used in the same sentence! With such a talented cast of actors/comedians involved aside from Marino (Peter Stormare, Kumail Nanjiani, and Toby Huss), these outtakes give fans a look at some of the gags blurted out by our improvisational experts. Huss especially keeps the laughs rolling in one particularly long outtake, but the bad news comes in when we realize the same outtakes are recycled numerous times throughout the extra features. We get credit outtakes in the film itself, the extended outtakes include the same bonus jokes, and then the “Extended Dinner Scene” gives a third look at Nanjiani’s unmatched wit – but only with a few additional moments. If all the outtakes were different, I’d be singing a much different tune about what laughs can be found outside of Bad Milo!, but as presented, there’s just a little too much repetition.

Bad Milo! pulls at your heartstrings, funny bone, and sphincter all simultaneously, delivering a surprisingly touching story about a man, the murderer living inside him, and the realities he’s forced to face. Milo is a part of Duncan, and Ken Marino builds a strong bond with his darker half, creating a parallel metaphor as Duncan’s wife starts hinting at baby fever. Kudos to Jacob Vaughan for boldly embracing a story that shouldn’t work, turning Milo into a household horror name. Is it weird that I want a Milo of my own?

Bad Milo! Blu-Ray Review

Bad Milo! is a strangely touching, wholly enjoyable creature feature with a hilarious heart of gold that will assuredly garner a cult following over the coming years - and rightfully so.