Batman Faces The Supernatural In New Justice League Dark Clip


Despite the entire opening scene having already been released online, yet another clip from Justice League Dark has emerged. And although there’s no violence to be witnessed, it may give us a clue as to how DC’s latest animated film earned its R-rating.

In it, Batman, John Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation when they run into some ominous looking entities called “Shrouds.” Not only do they look like they were inspired by the shadowy creatures seen in the Patrick Swayze movie Ghost, but they also serve a similar purpose: Escorting souls to Hell.

Apparently, they’re attracted to Batman for some reason. It seems as though he’s constantly eluded their grasp, but we won’t rule out Constantine’s theory that the Dark Knight wears some pleasantly scented cologne.

Justice League Dark arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on February 7. For more information regarding the film, be sure to check out the official synopsis below. Also, stay tuned for our full review, as it’ll be live next week!

When innocent civilians begin committing unthinkable crimes across Metropolis, Gotham City and beyond, Batman must call upon mystical counterparts to eradicate this demonic threat to the planet. Enter Justice League Dark, reluctantly led by the Hellblazer himself, John Constantine. Like Batman, Constantine is a cunning, often cynical loner who is the best at his chosen profession – but quickly realizes the sinister forces plaguing the planet will require help from other supernatural alliances. Forming a new “league” with sorceress Zatanna, otherworldly Deadman, and Jason Blood and his powerful alter ego Etrigan the Demon, this team of Dark Arts specialists must unravel the mystery of Earth’s supernatural plague and contend with the rising, powerful villainous forces behind the siege – before it’s too late for all of mankind.