Blade & Blade: Trinity Announced For Blu-Ray In June

Warner Bros. (in the form of New Line Cinema) have announced two entries from the Wesley Snipes vampire trilogy Blade, for Blu-Ray this June.

Blade and Blade: Trinity will be making their way to the high-def format this summer. The first film was considered pretty risky in its day, starring Wesley Snipes, being rated-R and being a comic book adaptation. It did good business though, which is why they returned 2 more times with sequels.

This news is a little troubling though, because there isn’t an announcement of Blade II, arguably the best of the series, which was directed by visionary Guillermo del Toro. New Line has a poor track record with releasing full series, for example Rush Hour 2 still hasn’t been released on Blu-Ray, yet Rush Hour and Rush Hour 3 have.

At least they’re making an attempt releasing older titles and hopefully the sign of 1 and 3 means 2 should be just around the corner.

No technical specs have been announced, but both films will come with Movie Money for an undetermined film.

Blade and Blade: Trinity will street on June 19th, 2012.

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