Check Out This Exclusive Stalingrad Clip And Get Ready For Its May 20th Blu-Ray Release


While American war movies are created every year, telling courageous stories of legendary heroes, we often lack an international perspective on other pivotal battles in military history. Hollywood has a specific audience and focus, so it’s always nice when foreign directors attempt their own patriotic swan songs – and the most recent example of this is Russia’s Stalingrad.

Director Fedor Bondarchuk attempted to do his Motherland proud by producing the first Russian film to be shot in 3D and IMAX 3D, and his efforts were rewarded with the highest grossing box-office numbers in the country’s history. Attempting to achieve success similar to Saving Private Ryan, Stalingrad captures the destructive horrors of war while weaving in emotional drama that unfolds as lovers untie – a balance of action and romance that mirrors blockbuster epics.

While the theatrical release for Stalingrad has come and gone, you can catch Bondarchuk’s harrowing period piece from the comfort of your own couch when it’s released this coming Tuesday on Blu-Ray and Digital Download. Loaded with extras and boasting spectacular visuals, this release would suit any fans of historical dramas taking place during either World War. The action rages on, relationship complexity is built, and the true spirit of Russia rises – all of which you can read about in my theatrical review.

To promote the home video releases of Stalingrad, we have an exclusive clip for our readers that captures survival during wartime. In it we see a young female civilian being taught how to shoot by a one of our Russian soldiers, highlighting the strange dynamics at play during full-scale wars. Refusing to leave their homes, so many Russian civilians went about their lives while bullets whizzed by and buildings turned to rubble, as these civilians refused to be pushed back by German invaders – a concept of patriotism, pride, and courageous determination.

Enjoy the exclusive clip below, and be sure to catch Stalingrad when it releases on Blu-Ray and Digital on 5/20!