Check Out The First Ten Minutes Of The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Cut


The Ultimate Cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally available on Digital HD, and so far, the general consensus appears to be that it’s a considerable improvement on the version which was released in theaters back in March. Running at three hours, it reportedly solves many of the issues people had with the extremely divisive original cut.

Most fans are infuriated that Warner Bros. seemingly made such a terrible mistake by holding back a superior version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for home video, but the extended running time and R-Rating would have killed it at the box office, even if reviews had been a little more positive. If you’re still on the fence about checking out the Ultimate Cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice though, then the ten minute sneak peek above could very well change your mind.


While it only features a couple of new scenes fleshing out Batman’s origin story and Bruce Wayne racing through Metropolis, there’s no denying that both of these scenes made for a great way to kick off the movie, and surely even the biggest Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice haters have to be at least a little curious about checking out this seemingly very different cut after watching them.

So far, we’re enjoying what we’ve seen of Snyder’s new version of the film, but what’s really going to be interesting to see is whether we get an “Ultimate Cut” for upcoming DC movies like Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman given the positive response to this one.