CONTEST: Win Afflicted On Blu-Ray


While I spend most of my free moments writing about independent horror and spreading the good word of underrated scares, I still feel like too many of you haven’t seen some of the best genre movies I’ve caught this year. Hell, I’d gladly host personal screenings for every single one of you, but my Mom always told me not to trust strangers, and I simply don’t have the pizza money for that kind of hunger – but We Got This Covered will do you one better!

For our newest contest, we’re giving away two Blu-Ray copies of Afflicted, my favorite horror film of the year so far. Written and directed by newcomers Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, this found footage indie horror manages to avoid all the awful subgenre stereotypes that make movies like Chernobyl Diaries an unappetizing waste. Imagine Chronicle meets skin-crawling, modern terror – and that’s exactly where I’m leaving it.

To win, it’s really quite simple. Like We Got This Covered on Facebook and re-tweet our contest message (below). A winner will be chosen on July 9th at 11:59pm EST. That’s it – best of luck!