We Got This Covered’s Deals Of The Day: Jack Reacher And Looney Tunes

Welcome to We Got This Covered’s Deals of the Day. In this brand new column, we’ll be scouring the web in order to bring you hot deals on Blu-Rays and video games. Today, we’ve found two products worth getting excited about, check them out below.

1) Jack Reacher

Selling for 45% off today is Paramount’s latest release, Jack Reacher. The Tom Cruise-starring action film is on for $21.99 over at Amazon and though it doesn’t release until May 7th, you may want to take some time now to put in your pre-order before the price goes back up.

Based on the bestselling novel by Lee Child, Cruise steps into the role of one of literature’s most compelling heroes, Jack Reacher. Though he seemed an unlikely choice at first, the actor nails the role and delivers a fast-paced, tense and exciting thrill ride. Throw in some great hand to hand combat and a couple impressive car stunts and you have something quite refreshing when it comes to the action genre.

It may not be Cruise’s best work, but it’s a solid film and one that we’ll greatly enjoy watching again when it hits Blu-Ray.


2) Looney Tunes Golden Collection 1-6

This one is Amazon’s Gold Box Deal Of the Day, and the savings here are too hard to ignore. For one day only, the Looney Tunes Golden Collection 1-6 is on sale for 55% off. You can now pick up this 24 disc set for only $64.99, not bad eh?

Included here are the unedited and re-mastered cartoons spread out in six volumes, spanning 24 discs. Though some may think that the Looney Tunes are dated, we’ll argue that they haven’t aged a bit and are still as entertaining, wacky and hilarious as they always have been. For any fans of the classic cartoon, this is a must have.


So, there you have it. Two great deals that are worth your hard earned dough. What do you think? Will you be buying either? Let us know in the comments below.