Is This The Dark Knight Rises Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Release Date?

Just last week we brought you a tantalizing rumor that Christopher Nolan was working on a director’s cut for his blockbuster hit The Dark Knight Rises, adding 30 minutes of content to an already marathon-esque run time.  The source refused to unmask where the rumor came from, but reported it as extremely reliable.

This week that same source, Nuke The Fridge, has returned with even more information on the matter, uncovering a possible, yet unconfirmed, release date for Nolan’s intriguing director’s cut.

According to their “spies,” we can expect to see Nolan’s version released directly before Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel premieres in theaters, separate from the initial DVD/Blu-Ray release expected sometime during the upcoming Christmas season.

For those counting down the days, that means we should see Nolan’s cut released sometime close to Man of Steel‘s June 14th, 2013 release date. As Nuke the Fridge points out, all major DVD/Blu-Ray releases typically fall on Tuesdays, so if they’re correct, June 10th, 2013 would be the target release date Batman fans should have marked on their calendars.

With Zack Snyder directing Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan acting as producer, it looks like Warner Brothers will attempt to use Nolan’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises as a hype machine for Snyder’s efforts, hoping people will remember just how spectacular Nolan’s Batman franchise is and see if Man of Steel can carry the same tone.

Then again, he’s only a producer, so Snyder is still the main visionary rebooting Superman, making the Blu-Ray release nothing but a clever marketing ploy.

While no official announcement has been made about any type of director’s cut for The Dark Knight Rises, we unfortunately still have to treat the information as a word of mouth rumor. Feel free to check back periodically as we’ll keep you up to date with such potentially exciting news.

So do you guys believe the rumors? Will Nolan open us up to even more content in the Batman universe with a director’s cut of Batman’s third act?

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