Prometheus Blu-Ray Details Emerge

Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus has been a rather divisive film. Some have hailed it as a masterpiece of science-fiction and a worthy addition to the Alien franchise, while others were less impressed with his journey into the origins of mankind. Our own Will Chadwick found the film “thoroughly entertaining,” giving the film a 90% in his review. Personally, I found it resembled Scott’s original 1979 masterpiece Alien far too much.

However, putting all of that aside, fans of the film will be delighted to see the long list of special features that have been announced for the Blu-Ray release that will include hours of content.

According to The Playlist, here’s what we can expect:

Disc 1 (Prometheus 2D) (+150 minutes of bonuses):
On disc:
Cut scenes or alternative (15 mins)
Audio commentary by director (120 mins)
The private records of Peter Weyland, four viral videos (18 mins):
– The offer of Elizabeth Shaw
– Happy Birthday David
– Prometheus Transmission (extended version)
– The conference Weyland in 2023 (long version)
Outside the disk: Second Screen App: App iPad Control Blu-ray Remote which gives access to the archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins):
– First and final draft of the script (text)
– Sketches of Ridley Scott (photo gallery)
– The Art of Prometheus (photo gallery)
– Pre-visualization (30 mins)
– Tests of Noomi Rapace (15 mins)
– The costume design (photo gallery)
– Tests “look” of the cast (10 mins)
– Graphic Video Dashboard
– Photographs of the team
– Video of the private pilot
Production and post-release:
– Marketing Gallery

Disc 2 (Prometheus 3D):
The 3D film

Disc 3 (Bonus material):
The angry gods: how to make the Prometheus of Ridley Scott, 9 videos (120 mins):
– At the Conquest of Paradise (scenario)
– The engineering upside down (direction & design)
– The manifest human (characters & costumes)
– A nest of demons (creature design)
– A world without green spaces (Pinewood)
– Gains of chance (stunts & action)
– The beginning and end (Iceland)
– The sky on fire (visual effects)
– Prometheus without limits (post-production and theatrical release)
Units of improvement (30 mins):
– Mini-featurettes
The archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always fascinated to see how a film comes together, whether I found the film recommendable or not. One of the things I did particularly like about Prometheus was its amazing production design and special effects, so I’m glad to see that we’ll be getting plenty of featurettes on those aspects of the film.

However, what I’m most interested in from this list is the inclusion of the first and final drafts of the screenplay. Several people who saw and disliked the film were pretty quick to say that it was co-writer Damon Lindelof‘s rewrite that made it turn out the way it did. With the inclusion of the original draft by Jon Spaihts, we’ll be able to see once and for all if Lindelof made the film better or worse.

Then there’s, of course, the 15 minutes of deleted or alternate scenes that Scott told us about awhile back, though he originally said it would be twenty. It will be neat to see what didn’t end up making it into the final film and whether it was anything important or not.

Please note that these are the specs for the French release, so they are subject to change, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason why we wouldn’t get them for the North American release as well. The Blu-Ray is scheduled to be released in France on October 3rd, so we can probably expect a similar release date here.

Are these enough special features for you? Which one are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments!