Edge Of Tomorrow Gets A Blu-Ray/DVD Release Date



Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has unveiled the Blu-Ray/DVD release date and disc specs (including some nifty covers) for action extravaganza Edge of Tomorrow. This is one home release we’re anticipating here at We Got This Covered, seeing as the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt starrer was one of the very best summer blockbusters we’ve seen in a long time. And now, we’ve learned that the Blu-Ray/DVD combos will be streeting on October 7th.

Early information indicates that there will be a Blu-Ray 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, in addition to a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. Both sets come with Digital HD codes, though Warner Bros. traditionally only offers UltraViolet codes, not iTunes-compatible ones. The list of special features is as follows:

  • Operation Downfall
  • Adrenaline Cut
  • Storming The Beach
  • Weapons Of The Future
  • Creatures Not Of This World
  • On The Edge With Doug Liman
  • Deleted Scenes

If the Adrenaline Cut is an extended cut of Edge of Tomorrow, that would certainly be pretty nifty. Otherwise, this looks to be a pretty standard crop of special features for a studio blockbuster – though “Weapons Of The Future” is certainly a cool subject as far as this film goes.

Check out the cover art below, and let us know whether you’ll be picking up Edge of Tomorrow on October 7th!

edge of tomorrow blu-ray

edge of tomorrow blu-ray 1

Source: Blu-Ray.com

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