Fox Announces Immortals For 2D And 3D Blu-Ray In March

Fox has announced Tarsem Singh‘s latest blood and sandals epic Immortals for 2D and 3D Blu-Ray in March. The film stars future Man of Steel Henry Cavill as well as Mickey Rourke, John Hurt, Stephen Dorff and Freida Pinto.

Immortals opened modestly in November with $32 million dollars and went on to gross over $200 million world-wide on a $75 million dollar budget. The film received average reviews from most, getting praised for its unique visual style, but losing points for its lack of originality. I thought it was visually pleasing and something worth checking out with a proper 3D setup, but I’m not sure how much replay value the film holds.

Our very own Billy Tatum had this to say about Immortals in his review.

If there’s such a thing as beauty in battle then director Singh pulls of a Victoria Secret fashion show of it. It’s just unfortunate that he didn’t realize that beauty is only skin deep.

The film will come in both 2D and 3D combo packs. The 2D pack will contain a 2D Blu-Ray disc and a digital copy while the 3D combo pack will contain a 3D Blu-Ray disc, 2D Blu-Ray disc and a digital copy. The technical specs haven’t been confirmed yet, but one can assume it will come with a 1080p video transfer and a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track.

Here’s a list of confirmed special features.

  • It’s No Myth – behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Caravaggio Meets Fight Club: Tarsem’s Vision
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate opening: Young Theseus
  • Two alternate endings: This Is Our Last Embrace & Theseus Kills Hyperion
  • Immortals: Gods & Heroes graphic novel

Immortals is scheduled to be released on March 6th, 2012.

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