Goin’ Down The Road/Down The Road Again Announced For Blu-Ray In July

In July Union Pictures will be releasing a double pack Blu-Ray consisting of Goin’ Down the Road and Down the Road Again.

The Blu-Ray will feature a full color high definition transfer of the first film, which was made in 1970, plus a high def transfer for Down the Road Again, the sequel made 40 years later.

Donald Shebib directs both films, with Doug McGrath and Jayne Eastwood starring.

Here’s the synopsis for both films:

Goin’ Down the Road tells the story of two down on their luck Easterners, the upwardly mobile Pete (Doug McGrath) and the good old hoser Joey (Paul Bradley) as they arrive seeking fortune in the big city: Toronto, circa 1970. But they soon find out that they’re way over their heads, and have to scrounge to make ends meet, working dead-end jobs (like bottling soda pop), ending up with barely enough money to support themselves. Goin’ Down the Road captures something essential in the big city Canadian experience, and has stayed alive in the cultural landscape ever since.

Set some forty years after the original Canadian classic, Down the Road Again begins as Pete McGraw is retiring from his days as a Vancouver postie. With the news of his wayward life-long buddy Joey’s demise, Pete finds himself the custodian of a series of letters, an envelope full of money and a plea from his late pal to head back east with his ashes along with details for a special delivery. Down the Road Again is a touching comedic and romantic tale of second chances at life and love.

The following special features have been confirmed:

  • Making of Down The Road Again featurette
  • Featurette on the original film’s restoration
  • Garth & Gord & Fiona & Alice – the classic SCTV parody starring John Candy and Joe Flaherty
  • Audio commentary from director Donald Shebib

Goin’ Down the Road and Down the Road Again will be available to own on July 10th, 2012.