For A Good Time, Call… Coming To Blu-Ray In Janaury

Universal Studios will be bringing the latest Ari Graynor-starring comedy For a Good Time, Call.. to Blu-Ray in January. The film co-stars Lauren Anne Miller and Justin Long.

For a Good Time, Call… is the perfect type of comedy to roll out in an overpopulated summer market or a stuffy fall downfall. It slipped into a limited amount of theaters and gathered enough positive word-of-mouth to expand and build up a respectable name.

The film isn’t the funniest or most clever thing you’ve seen all year, but it hits certain notes flawlessly and others with attempted heart. What works best is the engaging chemistry between actresses Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller. Also, knowing that it is director Jamie Travis’ first feature is reassuring, because he does a fantastic job making the small film feel big and broad, despite its compact and remote setting.

Universal will be bringing the film to Blu-Ray with no official special features announced, aside from an unrated cut of the film that will join the theatrical R-rated version. I’m looking forward to seeing how much stuff got left out for the unrated cut, because the film felt raunchy enough to earn its R-rating.

For a Good Time, Call… hits Blu-Ray on January 22nd, 2013.

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