The Grey Coming To Blu-Ray In May

Universal Studios has announced The Grey for Blu-Ray in May. The R-rated survival film directed by Joe Carnahan stars Liam Neeson and Frank Grillo.

The first trailer for The Grey featured star Liam Neeson going toe-to-toe with some of mother nature’s most dangerous creatures; wolves. The film looked like it was going to be more action-oriented, with a Neeson vs. wolves scenario most likely taking place at one point in the film. There was even an advertised bit at the end that showed him taping broken glass bottles to his hands, in preparation for a bloody fist-fight.

Then the film came out and most people were split down the middle. The first group of people fell in love with the film because of its artistic approach to the films central themes; death and survival. The rest of the people hated the film because it promised them one thing and gave them something completely different.

I dug the heck out of the movie. It was an emotional ride watching Liam Neeson fight the good fight and I cannot wait to own the film on Blu-Ray. It’s easily one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

Our very own Kristal Cooper had this to say about the film in her review:

The Grey is a taut, lean and intense drama that boasts strains of Jack London and Albert Camus yet still has the chops to satisfy both action and horror fans.

The Blu-Ray/DVD/UltraViolet digital copy combo pack will be presented in 1080p with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. The following special features have been confirmed:

  • Commentary with Joe Carnahan and editors Roger Barton & Jason Hellmann
  • Deleted scenes

The Grey will be available to own on May 22nd, 2012.

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