Lionsgate Bringing The Cabin In The Woods To Blu-Ray In September

Lionsgate has announced Drew Goddard‘s latest film, The Cabin in the Woods, for Blu-Ray in September. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly and Richard Jenkins.

The long-awaited, revolutionary (some may say) horror film will finally be available for purchase this Fall! Directed by Drew Goddard and co-written by Joss Whedon, The Cabin in the Woods is my current favorite film of 2012 and one of my new all-time favorite horror flicks.

Its mind-bending and fresh take on the repetitive horror genre is a breath of fresh air that almost didn’t see the light of day, due to financial struggles at MGM. The film has been in the can for years, but was shuffled around and eventually dropped into Lionsgate’s lap. I’m glad Lionsgate acquired the title, because they did a phenomenal job marketing the film without giving away any of the major plot reveals.

Our very own Amy Curtis had this to say about the film in her review:

What I can definitely tell you, without giving away any of its secrets, is that Cabin In The Woods is going to be a pleasant surprise for just about everyone.

The film will be coming to Blu-Ray in a Blu-Ray/Digital Copy combo pack with the following special features:

Audio commentary with writer/director Drew Goddard and writer/producer Joss Whedon
Behind-the-scenes documentary We Are Not Who We Are: Making The Cabin in the Woods
The Secret Secret Stash two-part featurette:
Marty’s Stash
Hi, My Name is Joss, and I’ll Be Your Guide
Wonder-Con Q&A with Joss and Drew
Behind-the-scenes featurettes:
An Army of Nightmares: Make-Up & Animatronic Effects
Primal Terror: Visual Effects
Blu-ray exclusive It’s Not What You Think: The Cabin in the Woods Bonus View Mode

The Cabin in the Woods will be released on September 18th, 2012.