Man On A Ledge Coming To Blu-Ray In May

Summit Entertainment has announced Man on a Ledge for Blu-Ray in May. The action thriller stars Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris.

Man on a Ledge is the latest Sam Worthington film that failed to do anything at the box office this past January. The film closed with a lousy $19 million, which is a far cry from its $42 million dollar budget. The biggest reason for the flop was the spoiler-heavy trailers that not only confused the viewer, but managed to reveal every single bit of action. One-location scenarios are tricky business when it comes to marketing and Summit dropped the ball big time.

Worthington as the star is also a warning sign. He’s not really a big name in Hollywood just yet, making the film feel a little star-less. Our very own Kristal Cooper had this to say about the film in her review.

Man on a Ledge kind of exists in a weird genre purgatory: too dull to be action, too silly to be drama, too dumb to be a thrilling character-driven piece. It just kind of teeters there on the brink of ridiculousness, hoping you don’t think too hard about the events unfolding in front of you.

The Blu-Ray will be presented in 1080p with some sort of lossless 5.1 audio track (either DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD, neither have been confirmed just yet). Here’s a list of special features.

  • The Ledge Featurette
  • Trailer with Commentary by Elizabeth Banks

Man on Ledge will be released on May 29th, 2012.

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