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Marc Forster’s Machine Gun Preacher Coming To Blu-Ray In June

Marc Forster's Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, will be coming to Blu-Ray in June.


Mark Forster‘s war drama Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon, is coming to Blu-Ray in June.

Fox will be handling the title, which was previously released theatrically by Relativity Media. The film’s early buzz was strong, with Butler getting praise for his performance, but nothing really came of that and the film went unnoticed shortly after. Most of the strong reviews mention the well-rounded performances, but almost all of the reviews discuss the character the film is based on and how his story was drastically changed to make a more action-packed film.

I have yet to see Machine Gun Preacher, but I do plan on checking it out on Blu-Ray if only for Butler’s performance.

Our very own Kristal Cooper had this to say about the film in her review.

Director Marc Forster (Quantum of SolaceFinding Neverland) heads up a finesse-free, ham-fisted production that occasionally attempts to ask some interesting questions (can you fight evil without becoming evil in the process?) but never really moves beyond its good intentions. Let’s hope he fares better with his soon-to-wrap big screen adaptation of World War Z At least with zombies, there’s no subtlety required.

Fox will be releasing the film in the form of a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack. No technical specs have been confirmed, but we can assume a 1080p video transfer and a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track.

Machine Gun Preacher will hit shelves on June 5th, 2012.

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