Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Up For Pre-Order On Blu-Ray

The Brad Bird directed fourth installment in the spy series Mission: Impossible has gone up for pre-order on Blu-Ray.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was kind of a gamble on Paramount’s part, coming five whole years after the J.J. Abrams directed third film. The film was estimated to do respectable numbers at the box office, but no one thought it was going to surpass the other films in becoming the highest grossing Mission: Impossible film to date.

A lot of that had to do with the attraction of several scenes being filmed with IMAX cameras, which combined with The Dark Knight IMAX prologue made for a must-see film this past Holiday season.

M:I – GP goes to show that the IMAX format can really help a movie if marketed correctly and done properly. The scenes filmed with the cameras were breathtaking and could only really be experienced on the super big screen.

Our very own Benjo Colautti had this to say about the film in his review.

This is an exceptionally well-tailored action film that hits all the right notes. The cast is terrific and Cruise is in top physical form. We also get some outstanding set pieces with the Dubai sequence stealing the show as one of the wildest action scenes to ever appear on film, watching it in IMAX is like going on a two-hour roller coaster ride.

No technical specs have been announced, but the pre-order is currently up on Amazon, so we at least know it’s coming soon. My guess is it will street in April. The real big question is if this version of the film will come with the IMAX scenes integrated or if that will have to wait for another release down the road?