Nightwing Faces Destiny In New Batman: Bad Blood Clip


The release of Warner Bros. Animation’s next DC Universe animated movie, Batman: Bad Blood, is fast approaching. Luckily for us, the fine folks at WB have delivered a holiday gift in the form of a never before seen clip from film, which you can check out above.

In it, we see Nightwing/Dick Grayson, the original Robin, being forced to take a reluctant step toward destiny. His mentor, Batman/Bruce Wayne, has been missing for some time as a result of some mysterious circumstances, and Nightwing and Alfred Pennyworth realize that Batman’s absence has not gone unnoticed by Gotham City’s Police Department or its criminal element. It’s at this time that we see The Dark Knight’s first protege come to the realization that he must take up the mantle of the Bat in order to prevent Gotham City from falling into complete chaos.


While Batman: Bad Blood is not a strict adaptation of any one comic book story arc, it is heavily influenced by Batman: RIP, Batman: Battle for the Cowl, and the Batman Reborn era, which saw Dick Grayson become Batman and Damian Wayne become Robin.

While Damian is already Robin in this continuity of films, seeing Dick Grayson succeed Bruce Wayne as Batman has been something I have wanted to see in a film for years and I highly doubt that I am alone in that regard. A lighter Batman and a darker Robin made for an amazing era of comic book reading, and I’m sure the movie will be no less thrilling.

For more information, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

When Batman goes missing, it will take the entire Bat “family” – including new additions Batwoman and Batwing – to keep the peace in Gotham City and unravel the mystery behind the Dark Knight’s disappearance in Batman: Bad Blood. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, the all-new DC Universe Original Movie will be available from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on February 2, 2016 on Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition, Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD.