Project X Announced For Blu-Ray In June

Warner Bros. will be bringing the found-footage party film, Project X, to Blu-Ray in June.

Project X was produced by The Hangover director Todd Phillips and rightfully so, because it shares a lot of traits with his Hangover films. The film took advantage of the found-footage popularity and gave the audience a first-class ticket to one of the most apocalyptic parties of all-time. Most college folks found it to be an entertaining and faithful replication of a typical Saturday night, but for everyone else we were left with the taste of bad characters making poor decisions.

Admittedly my dislike for the film has decreased since my first viewing, but I still don’t like the film. My problem with movies like Project X lies with the characters. They’re mostly moronic and they symbolize what’s wrong with most teenagers these days. The difference between a film like Project X and a film like 21 Jump Street is that 21 Jump has characters doing really dumb things, but for good reasons. They’re naturally charming guys, with a weird sense of humor.

Project X simply has dumb characters with really dim motivations. They treat women like meat and they constantly talk about having random sex, getting really drunk or doing something ridiculous just for the sake of doing it.

To read an entirely different take on the film, check out Christian Law’s review. Here’s what he had to say:

Project X misses the mark some of the time, but makes up for it by hosting the party of the decade.

The Blu-Ray will be released in a Blu-Ray/DVD/UltraViolet Digital Copy combo pack with the original theatrical edition as well as an all-new extended cut. No tech specs or bonus features have been announced yet.

Project X will street on June 19th, 2012.

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