Prometheus Blu-Ray Adds At Least 40 Minutes Of Footage

In a move that surprises no one with any knowledge of the way Ridley Scott works, Comic Book Movie informed us today that the Prometheus Blu-Ray will add at least 40 minutes of extra footage in deleted scenes alone. That’s 40 minutes without the addition of the Director’s Cut that will also (presumably) be included on the Blu-Ray.

Scott has long been known for releasing Director’s Cuts the way that most directors release actual films. Blade Runner alone has 7 different cuts of varying lengths, and some of the changes have been monumental.

While it is not yet clear what (if anything) the deleted scenes will add to Prometheus, with chapter titles like “Arrival of the Engineers” and “The Engineer Speaks”, there’s a good chance that at least some of those continuity questions that arose in the initial release will be answered.

This might smack of Scott trying to fill in some of the gaps that caused Prometheus to receive such a mixed critical reception on its initial release.  After all, if the scenes really are necessary, why didn’t he keep them in the first place? Personally, I begin to wonder why Scott bothers to release movies to theaters any more, as he has such a fluid notion of what a finished product looks like.

We’ll soon know if the deleted scenes add anything to the mix as the Prometheus Blu-Ray/DVD is set for release in October.