Save 70% On Amazon’s Marvel Blu-Ray Bundle Today


In order to help prepare you for the upcoming film The Wolverine, Amazon is offering a fantastic deal on their nine film bundle which contains some pretty awesome Marvel movies.

What you’ll receive are the Blu-Rays of the following films: X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men 3, X-Men First Class, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four 2, Daredevil and Elektra. Sure, not all of those are instant classics but the majority of them are great superhero flicks and would make a nice addition to any Blu-Ray collection.

The nine film bundle is usually priced at $199 but for today only, Amazon is marking it down to just $59.99. When you do the math that’s about $6 per Blu-Ray. Not a bad deal at all.

Unless you’re really against superhero flicks, or already own these films on Blu-Ray, I see no reason not to pick this bundle up. The Wolverine is releasing next week and it’s going to be huge. Why not refresh your memory and get caught up on all the ongoings of the Marvel universe beforehand?

If you’re interested in this Marvel Blu-Ray bundle you can pick it up here. Once you’ve done so, head down to the comments below and let us know which film you’re most excited to watch.