Thrilling Trailer For Batman: The Killing Joke Released


The trailer for what has to be one of the most anticipated DC animated movies of all time, Batman: The Killing Joke, has finally hit the web and can be viewed at the top.

Based on the classic 1988 graphic novel by the superstar creative team consisting of writer Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland, The Killing Joke is widely considered to be one of the most definitive examinations of the Batman/Joker dynamic, in addition to being one of the greatest Batman stories to ever be told in the comic book medium. Not only did it feature some shocking imagery causing the book to be recommended for mature readers, but it also provided a detailed origin for The Joker and happened to be the story in which he paralyzed Barbara Gordon.

Speaking of which, viewers can look forward to seeing a prologue of sorts in the animated movie, as the source material did not provide for a substantial running time. Expect to see Barbara owning the night in her Batgirl costume, something we didn’t see in the graphic novel. It actually makes sense to go this route when you think about it, as it will give the uninitiated a chance to become attached to Batgirl, making her inevitable paralysis an evermore emotional experience for the viewer.

As for the cast, Warner Bros. Animation has assembled an all-star team consisting of Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Mark Hamill (The Joker), Tara Strong (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), and Ray Wise (Commissioner Jim Gordon).

Batman: The Killing Joke is rated R and will see release via Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD sometime this summer. While no concrete date has been given, do keep in mind that the film will premiere this July at San Diego Comic-Con. Compound that knowledge with WB’s recent DTV release schedule over the past few years and it stands to reason that we’re looking at a late July or early August street date.