Fans have ideas for who shouldn’t play James Gunn’s younger Superman

Image via Marvel Comics

With James Gunn and Peter Safran now in charge of reinventing the DC Comics’ live-action adaptations, everyone’s greatly anticipating the newest actor to play the Man of Steel himself, Superman. With news that Henry Cavill has been let go from the role in favor of a younger actor, there’s been much speculation as to which actor is best suited to taking on the famous role in the DCU

As is expected, fan casts have been the order of the day, not just for Clark Kent, but for other characters who have been a staple in DC Comics. From the roles that have been present in the previous DCEU to other heroes and villains yet to receive the live-action treatment – there’s so much buzz in the air as to who should take on which role. 

A recurring name on the lips of many for the part of a younger Clark Kent is none other than The Kissing Booth and Euphoria star, Jacob Elordi. The rumors that he had already been cast were at such an all-time high that Gunn himself had to clear the air and declare that nobody has been chosen yet, and a name will be revealed only when he’s done writing the script.

With the looming uncertainty, fans are keeping busy, and an entire Reddit thread has emerged for all the actors who should definitely not be considered to play the famous Kryptonian. Tagged the “most disastrous choice to play Superman,” the thread features hilarious options that they believe will tank any release, and must never, ever be given the chance.

Here are the actors that DC fanatics are ready to riot over if they’re cast as Superman, and while it’s a long shot that any of these stars will be, there’s much to chuckle about when imagining them in the iconic suit.

James Corden

Besides being outside the age range, as an actor, the British talk show host hasn’t exactly solidified himself as a captivating presence on screen. He’s starred in many supporting roles in several television shows in his native Britain, and has lent his voice to a number of animated releases, but a role like Clark Kent seems way too far outside of his wheelhouse. Known for his comedic talents and charisma while holding interviews, Superman would require a lot from the actor that many have never seen before from him. It would take a little more than a miracle for this casting decision to be made, and it’s one that would surely break the internet. 

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has been making more headlines for his dating habits, but the hilarious comedian has a long list of popular film and television appearances under his belt. Breaking through as a host of characters on Saturday Night Live, Davidson is one of the funniest young actors around today. However, with such a reputation for playing slackers and funny men, Superman isn’t a role fans think he’s capable of playing… at all! In what would undoubtedly be referred to as the weirdest casting choice ever, Davidson as Clark Kent would cause a frenzy among DC Comics fans. It’s best he sticks to the charming, quirky roles for now. 

Michael Cera 

Besides bearing no resemblance to any comic book variations of Clark Kent, Michael Cera would have to undergo some serious physical training to have the kind of body Superman is renowned for. That isn’t to say he doesn’t have the chops to play a superhero, as he’s already proven in the cult classic film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, where he beat up quite a number of adversaries.

Cera should definitely be given the superhero treatment sometime soon though, as he is a versatile actor capable of playing a wide range of roles and covering many different emotions in front of the camera. One fan even thinks he’d make an awesome Shaft, one of the members of the Chaste. 

Danny DeVito

In a perfect world, the beloved 78-year-old icon could play just about anyone, and if by some insane miracle he’s ever cast as Superman, we’re sure nobody will complain. With a career spanning over five decades, DeVito has no shortage of credits that prove his range as an actor. There’d be a lot of laughs seeing him in action, but the fans wouldn’t be too upset.

Harry Styles

Besides his ties with Marvel, many have yet to be convinced at Harry Styles’ capabilities of nailing any kind of American accent. One fan does believe that a Styles casting isn’t that far out in terms of possibilities, but there’d most likely be a ton of backlash if it were to ever occur. 

Jared Leto

Jared Leto hasn’t exactly won over many hearts with any of his comic book adaptations. He was first cast in the DCEU’s The Suicide Squad, where his portrayal of the iconic villain was met with extremely polarizing reviews. In 2022, he portrayed the Marvel Comics character Morbius in a stand-alone release, but unfortunately, his performance and the film was critically panned and became the subject of several internet memes and gags. From jokes about his method acting, to the belief that he couldn’t be further from Clark Kent, there isn’t much faith that the actor could pull off the role. 

However, there could be a saving grace for Leto in terms of playing Superman. While he wouldn’t exactly score big points as Clark Kent, a fan thinks the actor could take on the tragic character, Flashpoint Superman. A darker and more frail version of the beloved hero, Flashpoint became the subject of various tests by the United States Government. A twist on the origins of Superman, this version ended up in Metropolis instead of Smallville and was kept hostage in a cell where he was exposed to red sun radiation. 

From other laugh out loud choices like Morgan Freeman, Taylor Swift, Jack Black, Amy Schumer, David Spade, Rooney Mara, and even Whoopi Goldberg, the fans are having a field day while they anxiously wait for one of the biggest reveals of the decade.