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James Gunn denies he deactivated his social media account after his decade-old disdain of Batman was dragged back to the surface

The conspiracy is looking more like a coincidence.

james gunn the suicide squad
via Warner Bros.

For whatever reason, there’s a hardcore section of DCU “fans” out there determined to out James Gunn as the supposed fraudster and hypocrite they believe him to be, and it wouldn’t be out of the question to suggest that large cross-section of that number also happen to be dedicated to the futile cause of having the SnyderVerse restored and resurrected.

There was a minor furor on social media recently when historical comments made by the current DC Studios co-CEO resurfaced and ruffled feathers online, wherein he shared his unfiltered and highly unenthusiastic thoughts on both Tim Burton’s Batman and Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Needless to say, there were calls for him to be fired immediately because you can’t possibly reboot a franchise without being madly in love with two of its prior adaptations that are well-known and highly-lauded classics of the artform, only for things to take another curious turn when the Facebook profile in question was deactivated shortly thereafter.

Naturally, two and two was put together to operate under the assumption that one hand directly fed the other, but Gunn has decided to weigh in on Threads and clear the air after saying “I haven’t been on FB in so long I don’t even know how to answer the questions to get back on.”

Essentially, the profile where he made those inflammatory comments has been dormant for so long that he’s been locked out and has no way of getting back in, which is par for the course when any account goes untouched. Being the standup folks that they are, though, another mini furor has broken out because he doesn’t deny that he said the things that irritated people to begin with.

Fortunately, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

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