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Roseanne Barr, who is Jewish, says she ‘appreciated’ Kanye West’s antisemitic comments

The actor, known for her racist remarks, calls progressives racist for cancelling her, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Roseanne Barr 'appreciates' Kanye West's comments
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If you thought you’d heard the last of the Kanye West saga now that he’s unsuccessfully peddling his sneakers to Skechers, you thought wrong, because controversial actor Roseanne Barr offered her two cents on Ye’s outbursts of late. In short, as a Jewish woman, she aligns with him.

Appearing live on the YouTube talk show channel Quite Frankly, she tells host Frank that she appreciated West’s comments. When the host asked for clarity on who she was referring to with the statement, Barr says she is talking about the ‘lefties’ and progressives who called her a racist. 

“They rush to silence and deplatform and censor anyone who says anything that they feel they don’t approve of, and the goddamned thing about it is, they’re wrong. And they’re largely bigoted, racist, like – tokenist racism.”

Barr has been quite the controversial figure in recent years, getting axed by ABC back in 2019 for a reboot of her series Roseanne after posting an offensive tweet about Barack Obama’s adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Considering the above, Barr’s authority on the subject of discrimination is hardly reliable. Barr may have also failed to realize that West’s comments were antisemitic not anti-progressive. Still, it’s staggering to see someone of Jewish faith take the side of someone who is empowering hate groups against their religious group, but whatever.

Roseanne Barr isn’t the only public figure coming out in support of Kanye West, with NFL star Antonio Brown sharing a similar sentiment about the so-called cancel culture and signaled his intention to stay on board as president of West’s brand, Donda Sports.

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