Apex Legends Bug Lets You Use Your Weapon While Downed


With Apex Legends having now been out on the market for roughly a month, and 50 million eager gamers finding themselves getting sucked into it, it’s not too much of a surprise to see that there’s already been numerous glitches and bugs discovered. This is an online title, after all, and these types of games are typically more prone to this sort of thing than single-player only experiences.

Nevertheless, they’re always amusing to discover and the latest one comes from popular Twitch streamer Timothy “Timthetatman” Betar, who’s uploaded the clip below showing off what he found. As you can see, Betar stumbled upon a way to still have use of his weapon even after being downed. Not only that, but he also went on the earn a few more eliminations, too.

See for yourself:

Clearly, this isn’t supposed to happen and is certainly an issue, one which we’re sure Respawn’s already well aware of. Using a shield to protect yourself while knocked down is one thing, but being able to still fire your weapon is something else entirely and can seriously impact the outcome of the match – as seen in the video above.

It seems that it isn’t only Betar who’s encountered this glitch, either, as several other users have reported the same thing and though we haven’t experienced it for ourselves just yet, we’re hopeful that it’ll be patched sooner rather than later. That is, if it hasn’t already been fixed up already.

What about you, though? Have you been able to fire your weapon while downed in Apex Legends? Or have you seen anyone who has? As always, you can sound off in the usual place down below.