Fortnite Might Be Getting A Wolverine Skin In Chapter 2 Season 4


Fortnite‘s long-standing relationship with comic book giant Marvel looks likely to continue in future seasons of the battle royale.

That’s according to one particular recent leak, at least, which suggests Chapter 2 Season 4’s headline crossover star will be none other than one of the iconic X-Men. Disney, of course, acquired the movie and other media rights to the franchise when it purchased 20th Century Fox, so a cameo, so to speak, from one of Professor Xavier’s gifted students certainly isn’t outside the realms of possibility.

As arguably the most memorable mutant of them all, it hardly comes as any surprise that the Adamantium-infused Wolverine is specifically named in this particular rumor as the character being primed to visit Apollo Island in the near future. According to prolific Fortnite data miner HYPEX, Epic has been planning to make a Wolverine Skin and accompanying Claws pickaxe, with a potential release window being the aforementioned Season 4.

According to their “very trusted” source, HYPEX says this collaboration is likely to either appear in the item shop as a directly purchasable cosmetic, or as a secret outfit that’ll require the completion of several challenges over the course of a few weeks. While nothing is confirmed just yet, I imagine, if the whispers turn out to be true, that the latter will be how Epic decides to distribute these sought-after items, similar to this season’s Aquaman unlockables and Deadpool previously.

As is usually the case, we’ll ultimately have to wait and see what comes of this latest development, though with Fortnite‘s next seasonal refresh pegged to arrive later this month, fans won’t have to wait long in order to learn the truth, so watch this space.