Here’s what the drama between Scott The Woz and G4 is all about

Scott The Woz

We’re getting a surprising amount of drama Tuesday thanks to various things going wrong on the internet. The next unexpected chapter in the ongoing saga? Beloved gaming YouTuber Scott, The Woz‘s would-be television premiere on the gaming network G4 suffered an unceremonious postponement.

The internet personality, whose real name is Scott Wozniak, is perhaps best known for going down the rabbit hole of various retro Nintendo and other game topics on his YouTube channel.

When things didn’t go according to plan Tuesday, he participated in the time-honored tradition of complaining on Twitter with a dumbfounded but sarcastic post about his woes.

In one image, Woz is surrounded by those who seem to be a few of his best buds, all wearing suit jackets, and crowded around a table to watch G4 on a tablet set upon a snack-strewn table. But, instead of seeing himself on the tablet, there’s some other dude and the game reviewer’s simple caption: “Catching Scott The Woz on G4!”

The snafu all comes less than a month after the once-long defunct G4 channel relaunched on Nov. 16.

Woz explained Monday on Twitter that his content “compiled randomly in hour-long chunks” was set to premiere as a regular TV block Tuesday evening. While Scott the Woz wouldn’t feature any new content other than some edits here and there, like cutting down segments for time and alternate music, Woz still could barely contain his excitement. He called it “an insanely cool milestone to hit,” as well as calling G4 “incredibly respectful” and an “honor” to work with.

The official G4 Twitter account was obviously trying to be sympathetic to Woz’s situation, even to the point of retweeting the YouTuber’s post that seemed to throw shade at the network.

However, the G4 account later clarified, “guys im just the social media manager i cant fix anything – deadass amazon web services went down and it went byebye.”

If you’re not already aware, an outage to the cloud server Amazon Web Services caused a slew of problems across the internet Tuesday, ranging from issues with streaming services like Disney Plus, and Netflix to the company’s own products like Alexa and even impacting the company’s deliveries. So, it’s not totally surprising to hear the notorious outage may have played a hand in all of this.

We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest Woz news right here.