New Fortnite Update Adds Secret Deadpool Minigame


Deadpool isn’t quite finished with Fortnite just yet, it seems.

Following Epic Games’ rollout of the battle royale’s latest update, eagle-eyed fans have discovered a small but incredibly cool Easter egg in the anti-hero’s base of operations. As has been the case thus far, you’ll need to have purchased the current Battle Pass in order to access Deadpool’s (assuredly rancid-smelling by now) hideout and interact with the computer within.

On-screen, you’ll be presented with the usual laundry list of tasks required to unlock Wade Wilson’s iconic outfit, though it’s the taskbar below you’ll want to be paying attention to this time around. Using the cursor, minimize the challenge window and hover over the desktop icon featuring the character’s mask. Simply click the icon and you’ll be presented with a reward in the form of a skiing minigame.

Check out the clip below for a visual guide on how to access PFreely (yes, really).

As of writing, there doesn’t appear to be any rewards tied to playing the minigame, which is likely intended to be nothing more than a neat little extra for fans to enjoy.

There are, of course, already several cosmetic items themed after Deadpool available in Fortnite and you’ve got until the conclusion of Chapter 2 Season 2 to claim them as your own. Several costumes, including the recent addition of an alternate skin themed after the character’s X-Force outfit, can be added to your wardrobe by completing a number of challenges. For our in-depth guides on how to unlock Deadpool’s default and maskless outfits, click the respective links.

It’s worth noting, too, that skins for fellow X-Force members Cable, Domino and Psylocke are all now available via Fortnite‘s in-game shop. Check them out over here.