Mythical Pokemon Hoopa Now Available Via Download Code For Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire


Continuing its year-long celebration of Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary, The Pokemon Company has begun another giveaway, this time offering mythical creature Hoopa for download in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Starting from today, Hoopa can be obtained for either aforementioned title by connecting your 3DS to the internet and entering the 2016HOOPA code into the ‘Get via Serial Code’ option. It’s not clear yet how long the code will be valid for, so if you’ve yet to add the mischievous genie to your Pokedex, don’t waste any time punching that code in.

This particular version of Hoopa comes holding the item Smoke Ball and knows the moves Hyperspace Hole, Psychic, Astonish and Nasty Plot. What’s more, once you’ve retrieved him in-game, an NPC will give you a special item that allows Hoopa to morph into his ‘Unbound’ form, a much more powerful, scarier version of his former self.

There’s not much of 2016 left to go, but you can probably expect at least three more mythical/legendary Pokemon giveaways across the rest of the year, possibly along with more record-breaking attempts like this one.

In related news, the next generation of Pokemon games, Sun and Moon, will be with us in just over a month on November 18. See below for the latest gameplay trailer.