First Pokémon TCG Sword And Shield Cards Have Been Revealed


I imagine Pokémon HQ is a hectic workplace to behold whenever a new Generation of ‘Mons is due to arrive. Besides overseeing the launch of two flagship games (Sword and Shield in this case), The Pokémon Company has a dizzying array of tie-in merchandise to pump-out at the same time. Further small screen adventures for Ash Ketchum, toys, movies, trading cards; the global brand is as popular as ever.

That last one in particular, however, has remained one of the most successful products in Pokémon Centers ever since Pikachu’s rosy cheeks started popping up across six continents. With literally thousands of cards – some of which are worth the downpayment on a house and then some – belonging to well over 50 different sets, collectors and competitive players of the Pokémon TCG alike have undoubtedly amassed huge collections over the years. Collections that are about to grow even larger, thanks to the announcement of yet another expansion.

Positioned to kick off the Sword and Shield era in paper format, the new TCG set was first unveiled last month at a special event in Japan and debuted the as-yet-unnamed set’s new V-cards. As of today, fans have finally caught their first glimpse of the new mechanic as well as several of the Pokémon that will make use of its power, and you can check them out below.

For those that don’t read Japanese, the Pokémon shown above, from left to right, are as follows.

  • Celebi
  • Victini
  • Keldeo
  • Tapu Koko
  • Regirock

Strangely, all of the cards so far revealed belong to past Generations rather than those due to make their debut in Sword and Shield, though the secrecy is somewhat to be expected. Game Freak has yet to reveal all of those Pokémon that can be found in the Galar region, so card teasers will likely only deal in those critters already known to avoid spoilers.

Pokémon‘s next TCG set is due for release at the end of November in Japan, with a Western launch likely to arrive several weeks later. Watch this space for more.