Resident Evil Fan Patch Restores Content Cut From The Original Game

Resident Evil

While the series has long since moved on from static camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds, many still hold a fondness for classic Resident Evil. Indeed, hobbyist modders continue even today to create their own unofficial content for the retro games, some of which is so expansive that it boasts alternate endings, unique enemies and new areas for Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire to explore.

The subject of this particular story isn’t quite that extensive, but certainly no less interesting as a restoration effort. As described by ROMHacking user Deli295, the purpose of their latest release for the 1996 original is to reintroduce several files previously believed to have been lost.

As for what those entail, the mod’s changelog includes replacing the North American and European FMV cinematic scenes with the uncut Japanese version as well as including the full-color French and German dubs featured in their respective Director’s Cuts. In terms of gameplay, tweaks include reinsertion of certain items around the Spencer Mansion (a missing ammo clip in Jill’s campaign being one example) and instances of removed environmental assets. One of these is a message written in blood on the mansion’s 2nd floor, the absence of which is attributed to “questionable censorship.”

Nothing particularly revelatory, then, though Deli notes that this is just the start of a longer transformative process to reshape Capcom’s pioneering survival horror experience, with more to come at a later date.

Fans should definitely check back in the future for further updates, then, but until that time, there’s plenty of new Resident Evil content inbound to keep you occupied. The franchise’s eighth mainline installment, Village, arrives May 7th for consoles and PC, and you can look out for WGTC’s review later this week.