New Star Wars 1313 Images Leak Online And Tease What Could’ve Been


New details for Star Wars 1313, the game set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away that you’ll never get to play, have surfaced online as of late.

The title, for those unaware, refers to a cancelled project first announced by LucasArts way back in 2012 scheduled to be released for PC and the then next-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Following Disney’s acquisition of the franchise later that same year, however, the venture was immediately put on ice with immediate effect and LucasArts was effectively dismantled as a games developer.

The house that built Mickey Mouse ultimately decided to hand one of the world’s most lucrative entertainment properties to EA in 2013 and the rest, as they say, is history. While fan appetites for single-player Star Wars adventures have finally been satiated, thanks to Respawn’s fantastic Fallen Order, the recent discovery of new images for 1313 has inevitably led many to wonder what could have been.

We know due to the emergence of an in-game image earlier this week, of course, that Boba Fett was due to star as the central protagonist in 1313 and now, more screenshots of the canned project have materialized. Check them out below, courtesy of DSOGaming.

Nothing particularly revelatory to see here, then, though fans can get a better look at Coruscant as well as the central character. Unlike the city-covered planet’s surface, Coruscant’s underbelly housed all manner of criminal activity consisting of thousands of districts. The number 1313, meanwhile, referred to the residential level players would begin on, with early segments seeing the protagonist undergo training from their mentor in how to survive such a ruthless, unforgiving world.

Sadly, that story would never come to be and exists now, solely as a footnote among countless other cancelled Star Wars titles. Fortunately, EA appears to have finally recognized the importance of single-player games and, if the rumors are true, it may have already greenlit a sequel to last year’s Fallen Order. See here for everything we know so far.