TikToker wants to be the very best, transforms their dog into a real-life Pokémon

pokemon tiktok arcanine grooming dog
Credit: The Pokémon Company/@gabrielfeitosagrooming via TikTok

We all have fantasized about what life would be like if Pokémon existed. And while most practical iterations of this have been done through either CGI. LEGO builds, or realistic drawings, one TikTok user went above and beyond, transforming their pet into a real-life Pokémon.

TikTok user @gabrielfeitosagrooming shared a video where they transformed their dog into the iconic Gen 1 breast Arcanine. This adorable fluffball looks very similar to how the Pokémon looks in the anime, but with more realistic features. Other dogs and parkgoers loved the dog when the owner brought him out in public. No fire-breathing has been detected just yet.


Edea’s day on the park was like #pokemongo irl ! She made a lot of friends including @sheinas.art two daughters that were the sweetest girls and very nice to Edea. Hope this shows that creative grooming does not hurt a dog socialization. #doggroomer #standardpoodle #creativegrooming #cutedog #dogpark

♬ Pokémon RBGY – Remix – Toni Leys

The TikTok user in question is known for their eccentric and creative dog grooming videos. According to them, creative grooming does not affect a dog’s socialization and the dog made a lot of new friends in the park that day. The TikToker released a video last month that featured the dog’s before and after transformation.


Edea my 8 month old puppy just got her first haircut. And of course it can’t be nothing less then a epic #pokemon 🔥 #standardpoodle #doggroomer #poodle

♬ Pokemon Theme Song – The Hit Crew

Fans warned the TikToker that while their real-life Arcanine may be cute and innocent, it may cause problems when it starts battling other trainers or using fire-type moves at home.

Fans began analyzing which moves this Arcanine knows based on the video. While they’re unsure if it knows any fire-type moves, they can tell that this Pokémon knows how to use ‘Extreme Speed’ or ‘agility’.

One fan was surprised that they didn’t encounter a single Pidgey or bird-type Pokémon, despite running around on tall grass.

Others began to look forward to seeing this Arcanine interact with more dogs that look similar to other dog-like Pokémon like Houndour and Furfrou.

In the Pokémon games, Arcanine is 6’03” or 1.9 meters tall and can weigh up to 155kg. And based on what’s seen in the video, this dog is… much smaller in terms of size. Alas, we continue to dream of a real fire-breathing doggo that will give the warmest snuggles.