7 Characters From The Walking Dead That Would Make For Great Telltale Spinoffs


While The Walking Dead‘s cast-iron grip on pop culture looks set to continue throughout 2018 and beyond by way of the ratings-topping TV show and, of course, the source material, there’s one part of the post-apocalyptic series’ wider universe that will soon be coming to a close and no, it’s not Fear the Walking Dead.

Telltale Games’ interactive, story-driven video game series of the same name is to get a fourth and final season in the first half of next year, bringing Clementine’s struggle for survival to a definitive end. Whether she’ll succumb to the harsh realities of a zombie-infested planet or finally find a safe place in which to settle down call home remains to be seen, but it will be the end of the road for her, whatever the outcome.

But as one book closes, another one opens. As of now, Telltale has yet to provide a definitive answer to the question of whether this is the end of their involvement in The Walking Dead as a whole, and given its status as the developer’s most widely-known and renowned series, it’s hard to imagine that it’s ready to give up the ghost, so to speak, just yet.

And why should it? Kirkman’s universe is positively brimming with interesting characters – dead or not – that deserve to be explored further. This isn’t an exhaustive list of potential candidates by any means, but the seven faces you’ll find here certainly boast the most potential for a spinoff.

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