Warner Bros. Reportedly Working On Two Open World DC Universe Games


Things have been suspiciously quiet since Rocksteady’s last entry in the Arkham franchiseBatman: Arkham VR landed in 2016. Since then, fans of the games have been speculating on what Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady are cooking up next, with the most common theory being that they’re planning on doing for Superman what they did for Batman and finally make an unambiguously great game about the character. It was widely assumed this would be unveiled at E3, but that came and went without a peep from the publisher.

Now, we might have an inkling about what’s in store. Podcast Humans of Gaming recently hosted Osama Dorias, senior game designer for WB Montreal, who explained that he’d just completed work on an open-world DC Universe “main console” title and that he was now working on a completely different DC IP video game. There are persistent rumors that Rocksteady think that they’ve brought Batman about as far as they can go, leaving Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal to take up the Batarangs. Could this be the open-world project being hinted at?

On top of the speculation about new Batman and Superman titles, there’s also talk of a multiplayer, teamwork-focused Justice League title that’d see each player controlling one of DC’s most iconic heroes. That sounds like a dream game, to be honest, but also one that’d be insanely difficult to balance. After all, what kind of situations can you create in which a player controlling the very mortal Batman must work with another player controlling the all-powerful Superman?

With Marvel’s Spider-Man launching to spectacular sales and planned to be the vanguard in a Marvel Gaming Universe with many more titles to come, Warner Bros. had better announce something pretty damn soon or their famous rival might leave them in the dust in the same way they did on the big screen.

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